About Us

The aim/goal of this website is to provide a free church website service for South African Christian churches, that will read like a real website.

Imagine your church’s website address to be http://yourchurchname.churchwebsite.org.za instead of http://yourchurchname.somestrangename.com.

Yep!! That’s what we are offering.

Key Features:
There is no need to register a domain (although you could if you wanted to): .org.za domains will cost you R249 per year and a .co.za R150 per year. Other website domains such as .com or .net, are subject to change based on the exchange rate. If you need a price, email us on free@churchwebsite.org.za.

We give you enough FREE diskspace (10GB) for uploading your church’s MP3 sermons. This should keep your church’s site fully functional for a good couple of years, depending on the filesize of your MP3’s.

At this point in time, we do not offer any email facilities. You can use gmail, windows live, yahoo mail, webmail, or whatever other free service is available. It may change in the future. It may not. Subscribe to remain in the loop.

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