Do you know someone that needs a website for their church?

Self-hosted WordPress with launched with the intent of giving churches a free (like option to have their own website, but with the “benefit” that it would read like a “real” church website. No strange tail-end at the end of their church’s name.

One of the key benefits of using instead of, is that we allow you to upload MP3 sermons straight off the bat. With, you’d have to purchase a space upgrade before you can upload your MP3’s, starting at $20 per year. In the greater scheme of church budgeting, $20 really isn’t a lot. And yet there are churches out there that simply cannot afford that.

Another key benefit of using is that we have website templates that don’t have. This may be surprising as we get our templates from WordPress themselves, but just from their self-hosted solution, Where the templates found on are geared towards blogging in particular, our templates can be used for both blogging and formal websites.

As a subsidiary of, we can help them if they’re looking for their own particular domain name too. Purposefully Social’s business pricing is also pretty decent too.

So if you know of anyone that is looking for a website for their church, point them in our direction and we’ll gladly help.

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