NEW!!! Video-Tutorials Page

We have developed a number of video-tutorials to walk you through the basics of designing your website using WordPress. Whilst these videos are geared particularly toward a self-hosted website (such as, what you learn can also be mostly applied to a website.

We recognise too that there are different levels of experience and understanding when it comes to website design, and so have divided our training videos into a Beginner’s Series, Intermediate Series, and Advanced Series. At this point, we only have Beginner’s Series videos uploaded.

All these videos are currently available on YouTube. Here is a list of them:

Beginner’s Series

  • Understanding WordPress user-roles
  • How to change your password on a self-hosted WordPress website
  • Navigation basics for a self-hosted WordPress Website
  • How to create a post on a self-hosted WordPress website
  • How to insert images into posts on a self-hosted WordPress website
  • How to display a static homepage on a self-hosted WordPress website

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